Hong Kong-born composer and media artist. GayBird graduated with a Master of Philosophy degree (Creative Media) at the City University of Hong Kong and a Master of Music degree (Music Composition and Electro-acoustic Music) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has been working as music director, composer, arranger and producer for over a hundred of performances, theatre works and music productions. His works have been nominated or awarded at the Asian Composers League, CASH Golden Sail Music Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, the Golden Horse Awards, as well as various pop music awards.

Incorporating his many years of interdisciplinary creative experience, GayBird breaks away from the framework of traditional art and surpasses the realm of auditory art form. His works combine elements of visual art, electro-mechanics, sculpture and installation art, which offer a comprehensive artistic experience. Whether they are multimedia performances or installation pieces, GayBird’s works frequent different international festivals and exhibitions. They have been exhibited in numerous cities around the world, including Arts Electronica in Austria, OzAsia Festival in Australia, Athens Digital Arts Festival, EXIT Festival in France, Scopitone Festival in Nantes, Tonlagen Festival in Germany, and the FILE festival in São Paulo. With the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, GayBird participated in the 11th  OzAsia Festival in 2017, and was commissioned to exhibit his first large-scale outdoor sound installation Home in Adelaide. In September 2018, his installation work Fidgety (in between up and down) received the “3D/Interactive Award” in Lumen Prize, the renowned British digital art award.