Leung Kei-cheuk, aka GayBird. Hong Kong-born composer, musician, researcher and new media artist. He graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Master of Music degree, and obtained a Master of Philosophy at the City University of Hong Kong, specialising his research and creation in human control interface design, new media art and the interactivity of live music performance with application of media technology.

In recent years, he not only continues exploring in the realm of music creation, but also concentrates on creating media art work, exploring the possibilities of relationship between sound, technology and visual art. The media music performance 18 Scenes in a Cage was more forward to reconstruct a historic building into a performance venue. This work is a one-of-a-kind, site-specific art experience that recomposes and reforms elements of acoustics, electronics, audio media, found and environmental sound, human personification, sculpture, architecture and video, all overlaid across the intervals of time and space. In 2017 he was supported by HKADC to participate in the 11th edition of OzAsia Festival to exhibit his first outdoor sound installation Home in Adelaide, Australia. With his broad experience across different spheres, GayBird’s works are beyond music just for listening, but a cohesive work combining visuals, mechanism, programming, craftsmanship and installation art, that could offer a comprehensive music experience.