“Wuji” in Chinese means “boundless”, “endless” and “continuously evolving”. Founded in 2003, the Ensemble is dedicated to exploring the realm of Chinese music to reflect the quintessence of oriental aesthetics, and creating a performing platform for local musicians to nurture artistic accomplishments. With the renowned composer Law Wing-fai as artistic director and Pipa soloist Wong Chi-ching as music director, together with a group of local musicians, the Ensemble constantly commissions new works as well as new arrangements of existing repertoires in Chinese and Western music, complemented with other theatrical elements.

The Ensemble has actively organized and presented a variety of multi-media performances and activities, as well as participated in local and oversea arts festivals. The Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai Sub-ensembles were also subsequently established, thereby further extending the Ensemble’s artistic ideals beyond Hong Kong. Premiering in Hong Kong in 2016, Beyond the Senses was showcased at Hong Kong Music Series in London in 2017 presented by HKADC.