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Yang Hao, Ivanhoe Lam, Jabin Law X Chan Kwun Fee, Théâtre de la Feuille

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Free Spirits Wander Around the Site of Tai Kwun

After receiving wide acclaim in 2017, we bring in the new edition of Swim Walking in collaboration with orleanlaiproject, together with four groups of local artists from the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power. This brand new artistic journey will take place in “Tai Kwun”, one of the most important historical heritage projects in Hong Kong. In this architectural complex consisting the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison, the audience will immerse into history and culture, when creativity creeps through the age-old walls, responding to the wandering free spirits through sound, dance, theatre, video and literature, to bring in a breath of free air.

Participating artists Yang Hao, Ivanhoe Lam, Jabin Law X Chan Kwun Fee and Théâtre de la Feuille will take inspiration from the historical background and unique space of Tai Kwun to contemplate on the subtle line between surviving
and living, after which they will produce a four-day cross-media live performances.

Free admission programme will be held in the evening, details to be announced.


Schedule & Venue


Prison Yard, Tai Kwun