Fingerman × Beloved Clara × SMASH (Re-run)

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A three-in-one concert of bold, experimental performances appealing to all kinds of musical taste. Fingerman, performed by the prodigal pianist KaJeng Wong, is an experimental piece for classical piano which explores the concept of God and takes every member of the audience on a journey of bewilderment and awe.

Beloved Clara, adapted from the 2008 film of the same name, tells the romantic life of pianist and composer Clara Schumann and her influence on Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, through piano, violin and soprano.

Last but not least, SMASH is an enigmatic smashing together of pop, classical and jazz performed by pianist KaJeng Wong, harmonica player CY Leo and saxophonist Timothy Sun. The trio reshape audiences’ perceptions of famous tunes across eras and genres. Combining all-time classics and original compositions, SMASH is a rethinking of music boundaries.

KaJeng WONG Piano
LAI Bo-ling Piano
Mark Hui Violin
Kitty Lai Soprano
CY Leo Harmonica
Timothy SUN Saxophone

The programme is approximately 110 minutes with a 15 minutes intermission

Schedule & Venue

20:00 - 21:40

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall


20:00 - 21:40

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall