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It’s a Heaven Over There

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Hong Kong multimedia artist, sound artist and composer Samson Young takes Nocturne (2015) as a starting point to It’s a Heaven Over There – an all new response performance through live radio broadcast.

Nocturne is based on found video footages of night bombings collected from the internet. The artist uses Foley techniques to improvise an on-site performance with everyday household products, recreating realistic sounds of explosions and gunshots, then broadcasting the mic-ed performance via FM radio transmission. The audience is invited to approach this alternative symphony directly in front of the action, or from a distance through filtered airwaves.

In It’s a Heaven Over There, Young will invite friends on board his city-wide touring live broadcast van, to debate openly the notion of utopia through lenses of history, art, cinema and international relations. Pianist Geneva Fung will accompany the discussions with her harpsichord improvisation on-site. The entire process will be live streamed online at mixlr.com/samsonyoung, concluding in an one-hour live simulcast on RTHK Radio 4 FM 97.6. Confirmed guests for It’s a Heaven Over There include:

Sam Elmi, Community Leader
May Fung, Independent Art/Cultural Worker
Cyd Ho, Politician
Linda Lai, Media Artist
Nancy Loo, Concert Pianist
Simon Shen, International Relations Scholar
Tang Siu Wa, Poet
Tsang Tsui Shan, Film Director
Wendy Wo, Art Whoever
Fermi Wong, Founder of Hong Kong Unison

8am – 8pm Live stream online
7pm – 8pm, Synchronous broadcast on RTHK Radio 4

Schedule & Venue

08:00 - 20:00