Music Interflow – a Dialogue between East and West

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Music as a form of temporal art reaches a new horizon when eastern and western musical traditions and their conceptions of time converge. Music Interflow emphasises the complementary and contrasting nature of the repertoire, which represents both Chinese and British cultural heritage, bringing together both well-established and also emerging talents from Hong Kong’s musicians. This brilliant display of virtuosity offers a selection of classical and contemporary works written for traditional Chinese instruments, including both British and Hong Kong pieces, performed by highly accomplished and cross-cultural musicians well-versed in both eastern and western traditions, culminating in the evocation of the English romantic poet Shelley.


1. Guzheng Solo
Tsui Wai-lam: Tolling from a Buddhist Temple
Lou Shu-hua: Fisherman’s Song at Dusk
Clarence Mak: Meditation on Mount Jingting

Xu Lingzi Guzheng

2. Chinese Instrumental Trio: Three Contrasting Pieces
Lui Man-shing: Awakening Lion
Lui Man-shing: Stepping High
Chan Man-tat: Surging Storm

Xu Lingzi Guzheng Ho Siu-cheong Dizi Chan Pik-sum Erhu

3. Doming Lam
Chinese Songs – Three Nocturnal Lyrics of Li Bai, Op.6
I. In the Quiet Night
II. Drinking Alone with the Moon
III. Ballad of an Autumn Midnight

Colette Lam Soprano Alexander Wong Piano

4. Benjamin Britten
Three Vocal Duets
Mother Comfort
Underneath the Abject Willow
A Cradle Song

Colette Lam Soprano Carol Lin Mezzo-soprano Alexander Wong Piano

5. Tsui Mei-ling
Two Pieces from Six Miniature Pieces of Yin and Yang for Two Pianos
I. Water
II. Fire

Nancy Loo, Mary Wu Piano Duo


6. Gustav Holst
Two Movements from The Planets (Original Version for Two Pianos)
I. Mars, the bringer of war
IV. Jupiter, the bringer of jollity

Nancy Loo, Mary Wu Piano Duo

7. Frank Bridge
String Quartet – Three Idylls
I. Adagio molto espressivo
II. Allegretto poco lento
III. Allegro con moto

Wei Ningyi Violin Shen Ting Chia Violin Chan Waibun  Viola Jia Nan Cello

8. Ottorino Respighi
Cantata for Mezzo-soprano & String Quartet – Il Tramonto (set to Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem, ‘The Sunset’)

Wei Ningyi Violin Shen Ting Chia Violin Chan Waibun  Viola Jia Nan Cello Carol Lin Mezzo-soprano

The programme is approximately 105 minutes with a 10 minutes intermission

Schedule & Venue

20:00 - 21:45

Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall