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Mobile Theatre

My Luxurious 50 sqft Life
Community Mobile Theatre

Watch out for a 50 sqft life experience on the road! The award-winning piece My Luxurious 50 sqft Life evolves around the life of a family living in a 50 square feet sub-divided unit and investigates the different social issues in the city. The mobile version moves the show to a 5.5 tonne mobile truck to rove around the city to different schools and communities.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, My Luxurious 50 sqft Life mobile truck may alter the show schedule or cancel some of the shows. Please stay tuned to updates on our Facebook page.

This programme includes coarse language. Suitable for aged 12 or above.

Artistic Concept / Director : Lo Ching Man Carmen
Playwright : Chiu Kin, Mak Ying Sheung, Yuen Hiu Shan, Lo Ching Man Carmen

Producer : Cheung Ming Wai Gloria
Technical Manager : Ho Sai Hang Jose
Production Manager : Cheung Heung Ming
Set Designer : Cheung Lik Hang, Lo Wan Ki
Lighting Designer : Ho Sai Hang Jose, Chui Yuen Fan Psyche
Video Designer : Chan Ka Ho
Sound Designer : Wan San Hong
Composer : Wan San Hong
Lyrics : Wan San Hong, Quinn Chan, Lo Ching Man Carmen
Voice Coach : Amanda Liu
Mask Designer / Mask Performance Tutor : David Bensimhon
Costume Designer : Lui King Chun
Stage Manager : Leung Tat Ming
Deputy Stage Manager : Dan May Sum, Tsui Hoi Ting
Assistant Stage Manager : Chu Po Yin

Actors :
Leung Wai Kit Grad
Chan Kwun Yee
Liu Oi Ling Ellen
Suen Wai Fong
Wong Ching Chun Alan
Leung Sze Ching Stephen
Kwok Ka Hei
Ting Tung Yan Tunes
Cheung Kwan Yu
Yiu Koon Tung
Mitena Cho

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