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Snap your Hong Kong Episodes

Anthony Lai

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In Hong Kong Episodes, video is visualised music. Through colliding cinematic images of the city with four music themes, architect Anthony Lai shows Hong Kong’s changing urban charms.

During the workshop, Lai will bring the participants on a walk through the city of Hong Kong. Guided by the eye of the architect, they will explore the architecture and cityscape through street photography. The finished photographic works will be juxtaposed with the musical selections from Hong Kong Episodes in a visual-audio collage, narrating each their personal stories. The final product may be presented publicly at the end of the workshop.

Secondary 5 or above,
Preferably with an interest in photography

Programme Period:
September – November 2018

Approximately 1.5 hours

Set-up Time:
Approximately 2 hours

Suggested Venue:
Indoor space at School

Anthony Lai

Schedule & Venue

September – November 2018