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What do Robots want to hear?

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DIY your own eccentric musical device, and turn robots into musicians!

In the hands of multimedia artist GayBird, a variety of wacky everyday objects have become unprecedented musical instruments. Through special arrangements, unique musical devices find their way onto the stage, creating new sounds. GayBird will lead participants to design sound programmes, develop sound-making devices, and listen to sounds that belong to the future, exploring the infinite possibilities of interactive music.

This event is a warm-up activity for the cross-media installation music performance in JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power. Participants and their creations may become part of the performance.

Suitable for secondary students with experience in robotic design

Programme Period:
September – November 2018

Approximately 1.5 hours

Suggested Venue:
Music room / indoor space

Schedule & Venue

September – November 2018