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Youth Choreography Workshop

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Since last year choreographer Chloe Wong has been collaborating with Hong Kong Correctional Services and Youth College (Project JUMP) to lead a series of dance workshops for a group of young students*. The workshop enables students to create a dance piece together, and to express themselves through body movement and rhythm. Dancing in group let them build team spirit and learn to be supportive members in face of challenges, and become more confident and sympathetic individuals. When body freely moves to the music, lost souls will be reconnected with others.

The workshop will culminate in a performance during the Certificate Presentation Ceremony, where the young students express their heartfelt thanks to their beloved ones through group dancing.

* Students mean:
– Hong Kong Correctional Services: Young persons in custody
– Youth College (Project JUMP): Residents in Tuen Mun Children and Juvenile Home / Social Welfare Department

Participating Group: Hong Kong Correctional Services, VTC Youth College

Schedule & Venue

May - September 2018